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Full Customization
Pillow Cart and Vertical Pump Adapter IV Pole

We design custom products for all areas of the healthcare industry.

We specialize in solving common AND unique problems.

Pediatric Phlebotomy CartPediatric Phlebotomy Carts and line of SMiLES products.

Our line of pediatric products help a sick child forget, if just for one moment, that they're in a hospital and just SMiLE!

  Download Brochures

Product Brochures View all of our product brochures currently available for download.

Linen Hampers
Stainless Steel Linen Hamper

Our fully customizable Stainless Steel Linen Hampers can be designed around your current bag or space.

  Featured Product
Deluxe Titan Draw Cart

We are proud to partner with MarketLab on the TiTAN Cart Series.

The next generation of cart design and reliability!

  Electronic Charting
Laptop Computer Stand

Introducing the CENTiCARE Electronic Monitoring System!

Tech Tote

New Products

Wheelchair Handle ExtensionsWheelchair Handle Extensions allow the transport of a patient in a wheelchair with an IV Pole.

  Bariatric Commodes
Stainless Steel Shower Chair/ Commode

Commodes and Shower Chairs built to last a lifetime!

Explore our wide range of Stainless Steel and PVC Shower Chairs/ Commodes.

  Product Spotlight
Interpreter Stand Protect your investment with our fully adjustable Interpreter Stand.

Can eliminate the need for staff interpreters. Use for distraction, entertainment, and to explain procedures while tablet and power supply stay secure.

Save Time and Money. Invest in Quality the First Time, Buy CENTiCARE.

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