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About Us 

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CENTICARE designs and manufactures a wide range of healthcare equipment.

Making healthcare mobile for over thirty-five years!

It All Started with an Idea and an IV Pole.

For over thirty-five years, Centicare has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of healthcare equipment.

Today Centicare has grown to a staff operating 15,000+ SF of office and warehouse facilities, supplying our top quality manufactured products to hospitals and healthcare facilities across the globe.


Our Mission

To design, manufacture, and continuously improve on our high-quality medical products for the hospital and healthcare provider; improving patient care and enhancing the quality of people’s lives. Centicare products are built to evolve with the ever-changing needs of healthcare to last a lifetime. We will accomplish this by continuously refining and improving our high-quality medical products for the hospital and health care industry; building and maintaining a robust team of knowledgeable, professional people with integrity; treating our team members, customers and end-users with respect; listening to our customers and responding to their needs.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for Centicare to Bring Medical Services to the Bedside – to Everyone, Everywhere. We will strive to be a respected leader in the healthcare industry as an innovative manufacturer enabling all healthcare professionals to enhance those they serve with our products. We will continue to be a robust company focusing on treating our employees, customers, and end-users alike with gratitude and admiration.


Centicare works directly in collaboration with medical professionals to eliminate their issues and exceed expectations while maintaining a quality product!

We are committed to our customers and the hospital and healthcare industry

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