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This cart offers the ease of a phlebotomy tray with the functionality of a phlebotomy cart. Why sacrifice either when the ergonomics of a phlebotomy cart melds seamlessly with the integration of our form fitting phlebotomy tray.

Operational & Safety Benefits:

  • LEAN standards compatible

  • Work process stability

  • Cost management

  • Consistent quality outcomes

  • Improved productivity

  • Worker stress reduction


Included Accessories:

  • Powder-coated white, anti-microbial writing surface 

  • Designed to hold C-Jac70 advanced phlebotomy tray with built in handle (Not included)

  • Large drawer with dividers, combination lock and side-mounted glove box

  • Swing-lid extended waste container

  • Shallow storage bin with dividers

  • 4" Silent twin-wheel casters, 2 with brake


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